About Me

I know a lot about problems in relationships. When I married Dave, I brought three children from my first rather disastrous marriage. I was overly protective of my children, who had been through so much during the divorce. I had expectations that Dave would understand. At the time, I didn’t understand how much he felt like an outsider, or how much I contributed to him being in that role. There were many points when neither of us thought our marriage would last. After much hard work, however, we have celebrated 38 years of marriage, and I can honestly say that Dave is my best friend.

I have such appreciation for the courage it takes for someone to walk into my office and share with me what is difficult, private, or painful. For over 30 years, it has been my privilege to work with hundreds of individuals and couples as they faced challenges in their lives and their relationships, and to be a part of the process of them finding a way to make their lives better.

I look forward to joining with you as a team. If you and I decide to work with each other, whether you are working on your relationships, your jobs, or your self-esteem, we will together explore the struggles you have been facing.

The first step will be to understand how where you are in your life/your relationship right now makes perfect sense, given your history and how you have organized yourself in your life in response to it. It is a place to begin. As you become aware of how your defenses, unconscious choices, and behaviors are all part of what has worked for you in your life, you may find that you become more free to live your life in a new way with more choices and consciousness.

I would like to support you to explore ways that your challenges might be approached so that you feel more successful. And I would also like to help you to find your own self-support so that you become more resilient to challenges in the future.


I would like to share with you my favorite YouTube video ever. It’s about moments. Fairly ordinary moments put together in a rather lovely way. It picks me up when I feel low, makes me laugh, put tears in my eyes, and helps me feel a little more alive just to watch it, even though I have watched it dozens of times. So if you have a few moments right now, go ahead and watch it, too. Enjoy.