Nothing means more to you than relationships.

And nothing is more challenging. What do you do when differences lead to conflicts that turn into never-ending battles, fighting the same fight over and over without resolution? Or when the agreement to disagree only leads to resentments that are never addressed at all?
Find out more at Marriage/Couples.

Stepfamilies can be more challenging still.

Bringing together two family cultures is more difficult than most
people imagine. It is painful when your stepchildren cast you as the “wicked stepparent” even though you are trying as hard as you can? While the biological parent usually has the strongest relationship with everyone in the family, it can be exhausting when there are so many conflicts between people you love, all of whom are looking to you to solve the family dilemmas. Find out more at Stepfamilies.

What is unresolved can affect everything.

Unresolved childhood issues, grief, and/or trauma can negatively
impact your understanding of self, view of others, and the ability to function. It can lead to anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. And … of course, it can negatively affect your relationships. Learn more about how you can get relief in Individual Therapy.