Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy
Gestalt Therapy  helps you bring what is unresolved from the past into the present  so that you can grapple with it in real time.

This is unlike many therapies in which you develop insight, which is an awareness of how your childhood or other experiences have shaped the way you are.

In our Gestalt work together,  my experiences are as important as yours;  yours as important as mine. In this I-Thou relationship, we both become aware of what happens in the moment so as to create awareness, to complete what is unresolved, and to give you an opportunity to make real changes from the inside.

I trained for 9 years with Jim Doak, author of the book, Coming to Life. Jim was a man who knew and loved Gestalt therapy, and who lived his life committed to the I-Thou relationship. He is missed.

If you want more information about Gestalt therapy, here is a brief excellent article by Arnold Beisser about Gestalt therapy and the paradoxical theory of change.

Arnold Beisser – Paradoxical Theory of Change